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Joined by our good pal Chesh from the Book ’em Danno! podcast, we take on the wonder that is The Duke of Squiggman. When the boys are asked to housesit for Laverne & Shirley while they’re away, Squiggy’s habit of sleepwalking takes a dangerous turn. Dreaming that he’s a well-heeled Duke living out wild fantasies fighting Huns, Lenny soon learns that Squiggy’s sleepwalking could threaten his life. Even worse, he’s driving his best friend (and Carmine. and Frank and Edna) to a near breaking point. Can Lenny help Squiggy realize who he really is and help him confront the source of his sleepwalking?

On pod, we talk the characterizations, Penny’s directing on the episode, and of course have many many many many feelings about Lenny and Squiggy.

Lisa Fernandes (@thatbouviergirl)
Chris Jayawardena (@ChrisJabberwock)

SPECIAL GUEST – Christin Haws ( @kikiwrites )
Make sure to take a look for the Book’em Danno podcast!

Next week, it’s time to go out to eat as the girls end up at a dead guy’s place.


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